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Our train-the-trainer certifications provide your staff with the skills to teach our proven crash-prevention methods to your fleet drivers.

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This certification course is designed to ensure your in-house trainers are teaching the most effective driver safety content available, based on The Smith5Keys®. Smith System certified driver trainers must take this course every two years to remain certified.

The goal of this course is to instill and refine safer driving habits among your fleet drivers. We do this by teaching and equipping your driver trainers with the skills and training aids to bring Smith System’s proven crash-avoidance methods to your fleet drivers. While each training day will include classroom instruction, the majority of the training will occur behind-the-wheel.

day 1
Day 1

Learn the fundamentals, including classroom and behind-the-wheel

day 2
Day 2

An effective, dynamic Smith5Keys presentation with embedded videos

day 3
Day 3

Evaluate driving through the Driver Evaluation form

day 4
Day 4

Trainees experience an overview of the training while solidifying their own skills.

day 5
Day 5

Refine the classroom presentation and compile speaker notes!

*We also have a 4-day course available for up to 4 trainees.

Who is a DriverTrainer Candidate?

This course is designed for your in-house trainers. Successful completion of the course will allow the trainers to train drivers at their company. The ideal trainee should be:

  • Willing to work hard 
  • An effective communicator
  • Motivational 
  • A quick learner
  • Comfortable in front of groups 
  • Fair, open-minded, and empathetic

What Does DriverTrainer Cover?

In our DriverTrainer courses, certified instructors train your company’s trainers on:

  • The fundamentals of the Smith System, including the safe driving principles behind The Smith5Keys
  • How to create a dynamic Smith5Keys presentation and foster a positive attitude in the classroom 
  • Developing behind-the-wheel observation, demonstration, and coaching skills 
  • How to evaluate a driver using the Driver Evaluation form to motivate and improve decision making

Trainer Recertification

Smith System offers a 2-day or 3-day DriverTrainer recertification course. Smith System certified driver trainers are required to take this course every two years to remain certified. In Recertification Training, driver trainers will:

  • Review past course content 
  • Learn new techniques, skills, and resources
  • Discuss training problem areas and solutions 
  • Review latest national crash statistics 
  • Practice classroom presentations 
  • Conduct a short demo drive while evaluated by the other trainees

Already have certified DriverTrainers?

Give your drivers additional skills and reinforcement with our Advanced Backing & Close-Quarter Maneuvering and Driver Skill Evaluator courses.

Advanced Backing & Close-Quarter Maneuvering

Backing collisions represent 30% to 60% of most fleets’ crashes, and the associated costs can be significant. This 2-day course, taught by our instructors, gives your trainers the tools they need to teach backing, parking and maneuvering near fixed objects using The Smith5Keys®. Prerequisite: The Advanced Backing Trainer certification requires an active DriverTrainer certification.

Day 1

Learn how to implement the Smith5Keys to backing, parking and close-quarter manuevering.

Day 2

Learn to demonstrate, coach and evaluate drivers on close-quarter maneuvers.

Driver Skill Evaluator

The Driver Skill Evaluator Course teaches local managers and supervisors the skills they need to perform effective follow-up ride-along evaluations using The Smith5Keys. Upon completion of this course, used as a follow-up to initial Smith System training, trainees will be able to successfully observe, coach, and evaluate fleet drivers.

classroom booklet
Day 1

Reinforcement of the DriverDirect behind-the-wheel course.

Driving instructor teaching woman
Day 2

Managers learn the skills to perform ride-along evaluations.

How It Works

On-Site Training

When you choose on-site training, a certified Smith System Instructor will come to your location to conduct the class. We train up to 6 people per class, depending on the chosen format.

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Pick your desired training date.

Choose the location: For on-site training, you provide the classroom for instruction. Most clients conduct training at their office locations.


Provide the training vehicle: The training vehicle should accommodate up to 7 passengers. If you need us to provide the vehicle, just let us know.

Open Enrollment Training

If you have employees in various locations and/or have under 3 trainer candidates in need of training, our open-enrollment classes are a great option. When you choose open enrollment training, Smith System provides a meeting room and training vehicle, so all you have to do is show up prepared to learn.

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View and register for a pre-scheduled training date.


Enter your contact information when you sign-up.


Show up for class.

More Training Options

Driver Direct


We come to your site to conduct classroom and on-road training with the reinforcement of a certified instructor. By learning in real world scenarios, drivers are better able to replicate their skills on the job.

elearning circle logo


Our eLearning courses are an excellent introduction to — and reinforcement of — The Smith5Keys to safe driving. eLearning allows students to learn the Smith System driving methodology at their own pace.

driver dynamic logo


This course provides drivers with substantially increased ability to control a vehicle in emergency situations.

driver Trailer


The TrailerReady course is designed for individuals whose job requires hauling a trailer or operating a straight truck weighing more than 10,001 pounds. Participants will learn, see and practice how to safely operate articulated rigs in close quarters and on the open road.