This course is designed for individuals whose job requires hauling a trailer or operating a straight truck weighing more than 10,001 pounds.

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What Is Covered In TrailerReady?

Our trailer-focused, behind-the-wheel training includes engaging virtual classroom instruction that features a refresher on The Smith5Keys®.




Type of Training

12-on-3 course

75 Minute Virtual Classroom

4 hours


driver Trailer


An interactive, instructor-led virtual group classroom session addresses key trailering principles and techniques, including journey planning, safely loading and unloading equipment, and preventing trailer sway. Drivers will also learn the S.E.E. (Search, Evaluate, Execute) the advantage driver safety system and The Smith5Keys®.

Behind-the-wheel Training

On-site, instructor-led, hands-on, driving exercises cover operating articulated vehicles in a safe manner within close quarters on the open road. Drivers will also practice advanced vehicle control techniques, demonstrate safe driving skills based on material learned in the classroom, and perform truck and trailer inspections.

How It Works

On-Site Training

When you choose on-site training, a certified Instructor will come to your location to conduct the class. We train up to 12 people per class.

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Pick your desired training date.

Choose the location: For on-site training, you provide the parking lot, 400ft by 600ft. for instruction. Most clients conduct training at their office locations.

Provide the training vehicle and trailer: Students attend class in their work vehicle and trailer. One trailer is required for every two students.

More Training Options

driver Trainer


Our train-the-trainer certifications provide your staff with the skills to teach our proven crash-prevention methods to your fleet drivers. DriverTrainer is available in a five-day session with up to six trainees or in a four-day session with up to four trainees.

Driver Direct


We come to your site to conduct classroom and on-road training with the reinforcement of a certified instructor. By learning in real world scenarios, drivers are better able to replicate their skills on the job.

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This course provides drivers with substantially increased ability to control a vehicle in emergency situations.